We represent a diverse team of professional and education experts from a wide variety of disciplines including geography, archaeology, fine arts, cultural resource management, geomorphology, rock decay science, tourism, and urban planning. Truly representing the power of multidisciplinary cooperation, this list of specialties and applications only continues to grow.



Pioneering new non-invasive research methods to assess the geologic stability of stone heritage resources, the SHR Alliance is the first and only entity providing professional training and certification programs in the Rock Art Stability Index (RASI) and the Cultural Stone Stability Index (CSSI). Both methods were developed by founding members of the Alliance. 


From the colorful deserts of the U.S. Southwest and Middle East, to the stony shores of the Balkans and tropical beaches of the Caribbean, the SHR Alliance has been involved in multiple projects around the world. Learn more about our current endeavors by clicking the link below, and read about how SHR Alliance members utilize the RASI and CSSI as tools for cultural heritage management purposes. 


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