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In addition to their contributions for the Alliance, the founding members retain ties at the university level, allowing the Stone Heritage Research Alliance, LLC to establish and maintain an active role within both the academic and professional realms of rock decay science and heritage management. These roles are manifested via the many current (and past) research/outreach projects, as well as a healthy record of top-ranking academic journal publications and book chapters. Presented here is a sample of such publications, highlighting the various applications of methods and outcomes from various SHR Alliance, LLC collaborations. To discuss other potential research items, or propose a project of your own, please feel free to contact us HERE, or email us at:


Protecting Stone Heritage in the Painted Desert: Employing the Rock Art Stability Index in the Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona

Featured Article in


Kaelin M. Groom, Niccole Cerveny, et al.


A Geologic Assessment of Historic Saint Elizabeth of Hungary Church Using the Cultural Stone Stability Index, Denver, CO

Chapter 14 in

Urban Geomorphology

Casey D. Allen, Stacy Ester, et al.


Assessing the Stability and Sustainability of Rock Art
Sites: Insight from Southwestern Arizona

Aaron M. Wright

Journal of Archaeological 

Method and Theory


A Preliminary Adaptation of Pre-Existing Field Techniques to Assess Cultural Stone Stability in Petra, Jordan

Kaelin M. Groom

Chapter 6 in

Rock Art Management and Landscape Change


Advancements in Rapid Condition Assessments of Rock Art Sites: Rock Art Stability Index

Niccole V. Cerveny, Ronald I. Dorn, et al.

Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports


The applicability of repeat photography in rock art conservation: a case study of mixed methods in the Arkansan Ozarks

Zeitschrift für


Kaelin M. Groom 


Evaluation of Grenada's "Carib Stones" via the Rock Art Stability Index

Casey D. Allen and Kaelin M. Groom 

Applied Geography


The Role of Fieldwork in Rock Decay Research: Case Studies from the Fringe

Ronald I. Dorn, Steven J. Gordan, et al.



Advancements in Rock Art Field Assessments 

La Pintura

Casey D. Allen, Austen K. Cutrell, et al.


Practicing Physical Geography: An Actor-Network View of Physical Geography Exemplified by the Rock Art Stability Index

Casey D. Allen and Chris Lukinbeal

Progress in Physical Geography


The Rock Art Stability Index: A New Strategy for Maximizing the Sustainability of Rock Art

Ronald I. Dorn, David S. Whitley, et al.

Heritage Management

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